Dr. Digs' Ladylover: Heavy Petting – iPhone & iPod touch Mobile Game

FREE-TO-PLAY this February 2010 (and going Offline afterwards for a while): “Ladylover: Heavy Petting”, the 1st truly touch-enabled mobile adult game for any iPhone and iPod touch, launching on October 6, 2009 and available at for any iPhone or iPod touch device. Currently, jailbroken devices are not supported.

“Ladylover: Heavy Petting” operates in the Mobile Safari browser pre-installed on the iPhone / iPod touch and requires a Wireless LAN Internet connection for playing.

The game features rich touch functionality, intriguing character artificial intelligence, leaderboards, cross-media integration and a hint of ironic understatement. “Ladylover: Heavy Petting” runs on all devices with OS versions 2.2 through the latest version 3.1.

To play Ladylover: Heavy Petting, users will simply need to open Mobile Safari and go to www.drdigs.com. Verify your age, hit the “Play” button, pick a lady to please and safely and securely purchase your game option with a credit card. Games can also be purchased from a PC or Mac by visiting www.drdigs.com.

Initially, the game offers two beautiful ladies to choose from: Carole, the willing Southern Belle, and Brandy, the shy college student. Further girls – such as Emily, the tough accountant – will be added regularly, all of them wanting you to satisfy them with your soft and sometimes rougher magic touch.

The game can be bought on a once-paid/once-played basis, giving you one game session and two replays, for just $1.99.

You can also purchase an unlimited login access to your favourite lady and keep her satisfied as often as you and she please, for just $2.99.

We are accepting Visa & Mastercard credit cards.

“Ladylover: Heavy Petting” is NOT available in the App Store – Apple would reject and/or censor this kind of entertainment.

DrDigs.com and Ladylover: Heavy Petting are operated by Dr Digs Ltd, Aylesbury, England. The game is available at www.drdigs.com for users of Apple iPhone and iPod touch devices that are aged 18+.

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